About Us

NatureLife SA distributes premium health and beauty products within South Africa.  All of our products are based on natural ingredients and are aimed at promoting a healthier lifestyle.  We are the sole distributors in Africa for Lifetones and Nail Fix, and also the sole distributors within South Africa for the internationally acclaimed Arkopharma Laboratories health and beauty products.

Arkopharma is a French company based in Southern France.  Our Arkopharma health and beauty product range covers hair and nails, menopause, urinary tract infections and headaches. Our Arkopharma product range consists of Migrastick which is a roll-on vial made from 100% pure and natural essential oils of mint and lavender and is formulated to reduce headache and migraine pain; Cys-control contains the highest content of cranberries compared to all competitive products and is formulated to combat urinary tract infections and bladder relief.  Other products within our range are Forcapil, formulated for hair and nails and combines a B vitamin complex with vitamin D3, minerals and amino acids which promotes growth, health and vitality; Phyto Soya Menopausal Capsules, unique in their formula consisting of the embryo of the soya bean and daidzein which is the sole precursor of equol, an isoflavone-type molecule whose estrogen-like quality is the best.  Research conducted on Phyto Soya has established with certainty, the efficacy and tolerance of Phyto Soya, a nutritional supplement which assists in the relief of disorders related to menopause.

NatureLife SA also recently acquired Lifetones and Nail Fix, both products are locally manufactured.  NatureLife are the sole distributors of these products for Africa.  Lifetones has been scientifically formulated to assist the body in combating the harmful side effects of excess uric acid associated with painful conditions such as Arthritis, Gout and Fibromyalgia, Painful Joints, Carpal Tunnel and Aching Muscles.  Lifetones assists your body to become alkaline and helps dissolve and expel the acid crystals in the joints.  Nail Fix is a 100% natural Anti-Fungal Treatment for finger and toe nails and was formulated to combat stubborn fungal infections. Nail Fix is able to penetrate through the nail to reach the nail bed and then to penetrate into the skin to ensure the fungus is destroyed.

NatureLife’s head office is based in Ballito, on the beautiful north coast of Kwa-zulu Natal, and our offices are nationwide.  NatureLife SA products are available at leading pharmacies in South Africa, including Dis-Chem, Clicks, Pharmed, Alpha Pharm and independent pharmacies.

NatureLife SA was formed in 1999. We have many years’ experience of marketing and distributing leading brands within South Africa and we are constantly sourcing further quality health and beauty products to add to our range.