Arkopharma Innovation

Arkopharma Laboratories’ innovation in manufacturing techniques include cryogrinding, supercritical CO2 extraction process and vegetable origin capsules.

Cryogrinding was developed by Arkopharma’s scientists and they are currently the only manufacturer using this process on such a large scale.

Cryogrinding enables the whole plant in standardized powder-form to be delivered in a capsule, free from extraction solvent residues and with all its active principles unaltered.

The plant’s enzymes, vitamins and constituents, which act in synergy to provide total efficacy are brought to the body totally unaltered.

In the case of plants whose activity is due to an essential oil, only the cryoground total powder is able to release its beneficial effects entirely.

Arkopharma’s Phyto-Chemists have studied, researched and identified all the precious substances within plants, making it possible to determine the best time to harvest and which part should be used for which ailment – leaf, flower, fruit or root.

It is also possible to determine the most favourable conditions for cultivation, the best growing areas, the best soil and also the climate. Arkopharma ensures that no fertilizers are used.

Good News for Vegans

Most of the capsules used by Arkopharma are 100% Gelatin-free.

The packaging is clearly marked with a green ‘ V ‘.

Phytotherapy products manufactured by Arkopharma Laboratories, France, are distributed in South Africa to leading pharmacies and health stores.

The Company’s main focus is to prevent and cure, naturally, efficiently and safely and to provide the medical profession with new prescription alternatives. Monitored, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials underlie every new product launched.

Arkopharma has produced plant-based products for over 25 years and is the leading phytotherapy manufacturer in Europe, with a world-wide presence in over 65 countries and 12 overseas subsidiaries.

Arkopharma is the European leader in phytotherapy and nutritional supplements.