Avoid These Drinks If You Suffer from Gout

Gout is an extremely painful condition caused by uric acid crystals that form inside your joints. Purines are converted into uric acid by your body, thus, a diet high in purine will significantly increase uric acid levels.

If you suffer from gout it’s best to reduce purines in your diet. Purines are found in various drinks and patients should avoid these at all costs to reduce the risk of a painful gout attack.

Below is a list of drinks that are better avoided if you want to prevent a gout attack.

  1. Beer

A recent study determined that patients who consume one serving of beer on a daily basis were 1.5 times more likely to develop gout than those who avoid drinking beer altogether. The alcohol and brewer’s yeast are the main culprits that can trigger a gout attack.

Beer is high in purines

  1. Alcohol

While beer is the worst alcoholic drink to consume when you suffer from gout, any other alcoholic beverage can trigger gout symptoms too. This is because alcohol causes the kidneys to eliminate alcohol instead of eliminating uric acid. With the increased amounts of uric acid in your bloodstream, you’ll have a gout attack sooner than you might think.

  1. Sugary DrinksSugary Drinks

Sugary drinks such as soft drinks and juice can increase your risk of gout attacks. According to a study, even one sugary drink per day might double your risk of developing gout compared to someone who consumed less than one sugary drink per month. The good news is that sugar-free soft drink intake is not associated with an increased occurrence of gout attacks.

It is believed that caffeinated drinks might protect you from gout so no need to cut out coffee. Be careful however not to suddenly increase your caffeine intake, since it could increase the risk of gout symptoms.

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