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Firstly, welcome to our new website. We have made a few changes and brightened up the format and hope that you enjoy visiting our site from time to time. We have also introduced this blog site to share more content with you besides our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Since starting a Facebook Page a year ago, we have enjoyed fabulous feedback from you, our customers.

We have used the page to share interesting health related articles and educate you on the benefits of our products. We also have loads of fun when we run giveaways. We love giveaways!

The reason we love giveaways/competitions so much is that we get so much insightful feedback from people who use our products. It is heart-warming and very gratifying to hear how our products have impacted the lives of our customers.


Some examples include:


Megan Raath‎

Just an update, won the Forcapil tablets in Woman’s Day competition, since started taking it hair is 3cm longer and there is new hair growth in thinned areas. Awesome product.



Angel Markus

I love this product !! It really does help !!

Santie Kelly

Fantastiese produk!!!!

Fareedha Khan

I refuse to use anything other than the Migrastick for my headaches.

Thora Kriel

I have used this product. Brings great relief. Thank you.



Bhabhana Buhlebendalo

I have been using it for the past month and I see the improvement as i was ashamed to even put my hand on the table now my confidence is back

Nontobeko Ntobsie Dada

I’ve used Nail Fix, it works wonders



Didi Wills DevonDee Yorkies

NatureLife SA I’ve tried the Cys-control Bladder Relief and it works like a dream! I have recurring bladder problems, and this really helps keep it under control



Margaret Morsner

This really works, been helping me through the last five + years with my fibromyalgia, which was caused by stress. I can’t thank them enough for bringing this product to us.

Nikki Lotter Martin

Dit werk. Gebruik dit daagliks en voel soveel beter

Jane Grant

I have been on it for 3 months now and it has certainly helped. It really has helped. I have Fibromyalgia and am trying to manage it as naturally as possible. Thank you for an excellent product

The downside is that we also hear how debilitating health problems effect your lives. Gout, Fibromyalgia, Migraines, hair loss, unsightly nails… all conditions that cause anxiety and/or pain. Your stories are, however, our inspiration to continue bringing you premium health products.

Please join us on Facebook and Instagram and share your stories with us.

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