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Easing the pain overseas….Naturally

Lifetones Acid Clear has been easing the pain of thousands of South Africans since 2012.

Due to constant requests, we have expanded the availability of Lifetones outside of Africa.

United States of America

Lifetones Acid Clear is sold online in America and offer free first-class shipping on all USA orders, all orders are shipped within 48 hours and delivered in 3 to 7 days and if you aren’t completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it within 365 days for a full refund, even if the bottle is empty!

You will find many fantastic reviews for Lifetones on their site:

Chris S.
My experience is that taking life tones 3 times a day during your attack reduced pain in 48 hours by 50 percent and since taking it regularly 2 times a day, I have not had a gout flare up since, also it makes the rest of my joints pain free..
Rob K.
only thing i ever used that work for my arthritis
Brenda H.
Thank you so much!! I received instant relief from my knee pain
Brandon G.
Best product for arthritis and gout.
I buy this for my Dad and he LOVES it!
I was getting gout very often and severe. The colchicine I would take for gout was not clearing it up for me any longer. I have had gout on and off for 40 years. My last flare up was about a year ago. In the past I have had gout so bad I went to emergency because I just couldn’t stand the pain. I have been to a podiatrist and have cortisone shots in the joint. I saw lifetones online and thought I would give it a try. I took it 3 times daily until my flareup was gone which took awhile. Now I take it every morning with a big glass of water and I have not had gout since. I have a couple of beers and a steak every once in awhile but not too often. The only thing I have done different is take Lifetones and I feel great.

Lifetones in America

Website:                                     https://toneshealth.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ShopLifetones/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lifetoneshealth/




New Zealand and Australia

Good Vibes Australia and New Zealand

Lee Marais and Kerry Dell of Good Vibes are the experienced natural health professionals who have taken Lifetones Acid Clear & Nail Fix Anti-fungal Treatment across the oceans to New Zealand and Australia.


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United Kingdom

Lifetones can be purchased online via https://lifetones.co.uk/ and from amazon.co.uk
amazon uk

Lifetones online worldwide

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