Question: What is uric acid, and how is it harmful to me?
Answer: Uric acid is the by-product of your own body’s processing of substances called purines, found in foods such as liver and peas, or even beer! If you produce too much of it, or alternatively your body cannot process it sufficiently, it accumulates in the blood and eventually deposits as needle-like crystals in your joints and soft tissue, often leading to very painful gout, arthritis and many other ailments. Excessively high uric acid levels have also been linked to stage 2 Diabetes, kidney stones and renal complications.

Question: What causes high Uric Acid levels?
Answer: Whilst genetics are believed to play a large role in high uric acid levels, westernized diets have a large part to play as well. Above average alcohol consumption and a diet of high purine foods exacerbate the problem. We strongly recommend a frank discussion with your health care practitioner to pinpoint what factors may be contributing to your high uric acid levels, and address these core issues in conjunction with your course of Lifetones.

Question: Can I take Lifetones with other medicine?
Answer: Yes. Lifetones is safe to take with ANY other medication, although if you are on any CHRONIC MEDICATION, we recommend you start on 5 drops three times daily. Each week increase your intake by 5 drops per dose until, after 6 weeks, you will be on the full dosage of 30 drops three times daily.

Question: Must I stop my existing medication when using Lifetones?
Answer: NEVER stop any existing medication without first discussing it with the health care practitioner that prescribed it, or an equally qualified professional. Lifetones is safe to use in conjunction with your existing medication. As your condition improves, please discuss further medication adjustments with your medical and/or healthcare practitioner.

Question: Are there any known side-effects to taking Lifetones?
Answer: Yes. A handful of clients have developed a mild rash in the first 1 to 3 days of taking Lifetones – indicating that the body is eliminating excess uric acid. Halve your dose for 1 week and increase your water intake. A mild headache and/or loose stools may also occur in the first 48 hours as a result of your body going through a detoxing cycle. These symptoms should subside thereafter: ensure you drink lots of water.

Question: What age must you be to take Lifetones?
Answer: Persons of any age group can take Lifetones, from young children (3 years old) upwards. Reduced dosages are recommended for any children under the age of 10. Children with sports related injuries, obesity, ADD, ADHD and/or sugar cravings would benefit from the use of Lifetones.

Question: Should I take Lifetones before or after meals?
Answer: Ideally, Lifetones should be taken in a half cup (120ml) of room temperature water an hour before meals. If you missed out on this, remember that it is better to then take it either with, or after your meal, than not to take it at all!

Question: Can I use Lifetones on an ongoing basis?
Answer: Yes, although we recommend that you reduce your dosages as you achieve your desired results – purely because it’s easier on the pocket!

Question: How quickly will I see results from Lifetones?
Answer: Whilst we have had numerous testimonials where customers have had amazing results in 1 to 3 days, noticeable results become apparent to most between 1 week and 1 month. For extreme cases where you may have been in some discomfort for many years, the rule of thumb is that you will need one month’s treatment for each year that you have suffered with the ailment.

Question: How much Lifetones will I need to take?
Answer: Whilst each customer of ours is unique, research indicates that most of our clients take the full dose of 30 drops three times daily for between 3 and 6 months, and thereafter drop to a “daily balancing dose” (20 drops twice daily) to maintain their healthy status.

Question: Can I use Lifetones for my Heartburn, Indigestion or Acid Reflux?
Answer: NO! The aforementioned ailments are associated with stomach acid, completely different from uric acid conditions.

Question: Could you also let me know if there are ANY synthetics in Lifetones.
Answer: CM7 is a combination of Thermogenic herbs and flower essences formulated by ourselves used to improve digestion so as to improve absorption of the Lifetones formulation (Catalyst). Each herb is COA’d certified and tested for their use and efficacy and are also non-scheduled and are not listed on any endangered list globally.
We have used medicinal alcohol derived from sugar cane for religious purposes, and we have not used any synthetic actives what-so-ever.

Question: Lifetones – naturally? I am highly disappointed in this product. In adverts there is NO indication that alcohol is used in it as it is HERBAL/NATURAL. This is very upsetting to me as I do not consume alcohol but now I have through this product.
Answer: Herbal remedies are made in three main categories for oral consumption:
Tablet/capsule, tea, tincture? Depending on the ailment the delivery method will vary: A tablet or capsule will normally only deliver the water soluble actives from the herbs. In other words the body can only extract, digest and absorb only a small amount of active ingredients from the herbs which means that it will take a lot longer for the product to work. A tea is usually used when one wants to treat predominately digestive disorders such as indigestion, ulcers, hernias, colitis etc. The heat of the water usually destroys a portion of the actives and the water can only extract the water soluble actives and not the essential oil soluble actives. A Tincture is made with medicinal alcohol derived from sugar cane and not grapes to suite all religious groups. The only time that one should not have a tincture is if one has an intolerance to alcohol. The benefits of a tincture are that this is the most potent and most absorbable form, as all the water and essential oil soluble actives are extracted, and therefore preserved naturally. All top brands such as Bioforce, Natura, Weleda and even top natural eye drops contain this form of natural alcohol. Dentists and doctors use this form of alcohol in their daily practice.

Question: I started to take the drops yesterday today I am aching more, is that part of the detox process?
Answer: Sometimes the uric acid in the joints that are crystalized begin to melt which means that the pain and discomfort sometimes increase and even move from the extreme joints such as hands and feet to the knees and elbows. It is possible that you may even get a mild headache or a loose stool for a day or two as one goes through a cleansing process. This means that Lifetones is working. Drink more water to help flush the uric acid out of the body through the kidneys and the bladder. After a few days, you should start feeling better.

Question: I recently bought Lifetones for my Mum who has arthritis but she is also diabetic. Is it safe for her to drink?
Answer: The pancreas produces insulin for two main reasons: 1. To stabilise sugar levels in the body and 2. To reduce acid levels in the blood which means that a diabetic needs to use Lifetones even more than a non-diabetic. You should monitor sugar levels as they may drop to slightly less than normal which means that you may have to prescribe less insulin, which is a good thing.

Question: I want to purchase Lifetones, but I am an epileptic, are there any of the herbs in the formula that can be harmful to me?
Answer: There will be no interactions as there are no stimulant actives or Vitamin B neutralizing actives.

Question: Can Lifetones damage the organs, especially the kidneys? I experienced pains on my sides when taking Lifetones.
Answer: Just to describe in short how the body works, when uric acid builds up in the blood stream the body will take calcium from the bones and teeth or from your diet (including calcium supplements) and it will also buffer the uric acid. The buffered uric acid then forms small stones in the gallbladder and the kidneys. Lifetones then starts to break down any uric acid, whether crystalized in the joints, muscles or stones. The sensation of discomfort from either the kidneys/gall bladder is the stones being slowly dissolved and passed through the ducts to the bladder and then urinated out. If you are experiencing pain, half the dose three times daily for the next month whilst drinking more water during the day and evening.