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Question: Can Nail Fix be used when you have acrylic nails?

Answer: Yes. You can apply Nail Fix on and around Acrylic nails to both prevent and treat a fungal infection. If your nails feel itchy after a visit to the nail salon begin treatment immediately.

Question: What Is Nail Fix?

Answer: Nail Fix is a natural anti-fungal treatment for the nails.

Question: Can Nail Fix be applied under my acrylic nails?

Answer: Yes. Nail Fix can be applied to the nail by your nail technician right at the beginning of your appointment. Leave it on for a minute and then rinse your hands well. Nail Fix penetrates the nail immediately after application.

Question: How long will it take before I see a difference?

Answer: It usually takes between 1 and 2 weeks before you can see and feel the difference. Nails typically take between 3-9 months to grow out so improvement can gradually be seen as the nail grows.

Question: Will the nail infection return?

Answer: A fungal infection may return if the nail is exposed to the same conditions that caused it initially. It may be due to a fungal infection in the body such as Candida which has been left untreated and may require you to consult a health care professional to help treat the candida infection. Untreated athletes foot could re-infect the nail. Using nail equipment such as nail clippers and nail files that have been exposed to a fungus could also re-infect the nails.

Question: Why do I get recurring nail infections?

Answer: Recurring fungal infections indicate that the body could be harbouring a fungal/candida infection. When there’s an overgrowth of yeast/fungus problems can occur. A weak immune system, poor eating habits or certain antibiotics can lead to an overgrowth. Consult a health care professional to advise what supplement you can use to prevent recurring fungal nail infections or contact our help line for further information.

Question: Is Nail Fix natural?

Answer: Yes. Nail Fix is 100% natural.

Question: Can I use Nail Fix on my fingers and toes?

Answer: Yes. Nail Fix can be used on both Finger and Toe infections.

Question: Why is Nail Fix so effective at treating a fungal nail infection?

Answer: Nail Fix is able to penetrate through the nail to reach the nail bed. Nail Fix is a combination of herbs and oils that are known to treat fungal infections effectively.

Question: Will Nail Fix help with damaged, cracked nails?

Answer: Yes. Nail Fix helps to repair and improve the condition of the nails. But it is important to note that the nails show the history of recent health as well as the current health of the body. Pay attention to your body if your nails are not healthy.

Question: Can I apply nail polish when I’m using Nail Fix?

Answers: Yes you can. Apply Nail Fix all around the nail as well as under the nail.

Question: Are there any side effects?

Answer: No. There have been no adverse reactions to using Nail Fix.

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