Pain Increase when taking Lifetones Acid Clear

As Lifetones Acid Clear’s potent natural formulation has the ability to dissolve acid crystals from wherever it has been stored muscles, joints etc. and then helps move the acid out of the body, some people do experience a temporary increase in pain rather than the relief they were expecting. Others also mention that the area of concern has moved and they are experiencing pain in a new area.

At times the toxic load of the acid is simply too much for the body to remove all at once. The acid then gets dumped back into the joints where it can cause further pain and inflammation.

When blood circulation is poor, the feet, toes and ankles are usually the worst affected . That is also why gout occurs in the 1st place because acid gets stuck in the extremities when the blood is not moving around the body effectively.

The best thing you can do is:

  1. Step up your water intake to allow the kidneys to flush the acid out of the body and naturally thin the blood. When we become dehydrated our blood becomes thick and hard to circulate.
  2. Take a natural remedy to improve your circulation. Circuwell Circulation Booster is a good and safe product.
  3. Take a green supplement to keep your body alkaline – or take a freshly squeezed green juice every morning.
  4. Lower your dose of Lifetones Acid Clear so that the body releases the acid slowly if the pain is too much to bear.
  5. Avoid all sugar, bubbly drinks (carbonic acid), coffee and fruit juices. These are the worst culprits that spike acid levels in the body.
  6. If you are on a diuretic this can amplify the concentration of acid in the body due to dehydration. Please consume additional water.

Gout in the Extremities


Lifetones Liquid & Capsules can be purchased at most leading pharmacies and health shops as well as Takealot.

Circuwell is available from Takealot and from Alpha Pharm pharmacies.

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