Stubborn Nail Fungus Solutions

Stubborn nail fungus is hard to treat but it can be done. Sometimes, when the infection starts from inside the body, it may take more than just a topical application like Nail Fix to kill the fungus. Your general health and underlying problems such as a Candida infection will affect the efficacy of Nail Fix.

Here are some additional steps to take for really stubborn nail fungus:

We suggest that you take a good probiotic daily. This creates an environment within the body that the fungus cannot grow in.

Take a grapefruit seed extract – Citricidal. This helps to kill the fungus from inside the body.

Soak your foot/hand in hot water (as hot as you can handle) into which you’ve added apple cider vinegar and Epsom salts for 15 minutes daily. This helps to soften the nail and help kill the fungus. Apply Nail Fix straight after drying your foot.

For Nail Fix

If you have poor circulation this can result in poor blood supply to the extremities of the body i.e the toes and fingers. This can make them more susceptible to fungal infections. You can try improving your circulation by taking Naturelife’s Circuwell Circulation Booster.

Spray your nail equipment (clippers/files) with Nail Fix to ensure that they do not promote further infection.

Remember that if your nail changed to a brownish colour when using Nail Fix, it means it is reacting with the fungus on the nail, so it is doing its job.

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