The All-Natural Ingredients in Diaboost

We take pride in using the best ingredients in all our products, ensuring that you get the best possible solution for your health issues.

Diaboost Diabetes Support is no exception. This powerful tincture harnesses the power of TEN (10) different ingredients from nature.

Have a watch to see just how beautiful all the ingredients are:


Improves blood flow, increases insulin sensitivity, helps with weight loss and increases metabolism


Removes parasites from the pancreas


Bilberry is used for improving eyesight and poor circulation related to complications experienced with diabetes. Bilberry has been shown to lower blood glucose levels as well as increase insulin sensitivity

Black Walnut

A rich source of alpha-linoleic- acid that has been shown to improve diabetic neuropathy. Clears parasites from the pancreas

Celery Seed

Lowers glucose, triglycerides and cholesterol while increasing insulin production when needed.

Passion Flower

Lowers blood pressure and increases quality of sleep. Poor sleep increases the risk of diabetes

Gotu Kola

Improves energy and circulation and repairs damage to the walls of the blood vessels.

Black Pepper

Reduces pain and inflammation.


Ginger naturally lowers blood sugar and cholesterol levels

Citrus Bioflavanoids

Supports the health of the circulatory system by helping to repair damage to the blood vessels.

Diaboost is available at:

Diaboost drops will assist diabetics by improving energy levels, stabilising blood sugar and assisting the pancreas – the organ responsible for producing digestive juices and the production of hormones such as insulin to control sugar levels.

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