Using Lifetones Acid Clear with other Medications

A lot of people ask if they can safely use Lifetones Acid Clear if they are already using other medications. Because high uric acid levels cause or aggravate so many ailments, you are most likely taking medication for a condition that will be minimised by lowering your acid levels.

The main point to note is that there are no known contraindications where Lifetones cannot be taken at all.

Start Slow

If you are on chronic medication, start on a lower dose of 15 drops twice daily and gradually increase over a period of a month to 30 drops twice a day. Bear in mind that your body builds up toxins when you have been on medications for a long time. Toxins = Acid in your body. Your body will start detoxing with Lifetones so if you don’t want to feel worse before you feel better, start slowly.

Symptoms of Detoxing

Some patients experience headaches, rashes or itchiness. The pain can also move from one area to another if you are not drinking enough water to flush out the toxins and uric acid.

Move it!

Lifetones breaks down acid crystals which then move out of the muscles into the bloodstream. It is not uncommon for the pain to increase for a while as the uric acid crystals are broken down. The temporary discomfort is worth it in the long run though! Please ensure that you are drinking enough water to move these crystals out of your system.

A view of uric acid crystals
What uric acid crystals look like.


Due to the efficacy of Lifetones, we also suggest that you monitor the dosage of your medications. Get your doctor to check your blood if you are feeling a lot better thanks to Lifetones.


If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Cheryl Tones, an experienced naturopath, on 082 440 9374 during working hours.


Lifetones in Liquid and Capsules
Lifetones is now available in both capsules and liquid

Lifetones Acid Clear Drops are available nationally at most Dischem and Clicks Stores, Pharmacies and Health Shops, online via Takealot and at select Checkers & Shoprite Stores in KwaZulu Natal.

Lifetones Acid Clear Veg Capsules are available from select Clicks Stores and can be ordered from Alpha Pharm pharmacies or on Takealot

14 thoughts

  1. I would like to buy some Acid clear. I got a bottle from a friend and it wotks wonderful. We live in a small town where there is no place available so that I can purchase it.
    Please let me know.

    1. Hi Riana. You should be able to order Lifetones via your local pharmacy. If you live in KZN, select Checkers & Shoprite stores stock Lifetones. If they deliver to your area – you can also get Lifetones via Takealot

  2. I suffer from acid reflux. Is uric acid and stomach acid the same thing also can I take acid clear for my stomach acid .

    1. Hi. Lifetones Acid Clear is for uric acid, not stomach acid. We therefore do not recommend it for gastric acid reflux.

  3. Life tones has been very effective for dealing with my painful joints. Because of Corona, I haven’t been able to visit to replenish my supply. Is there a possibility of ordering online for international customers? How can I go about it?

    1. Greetings. An itchy skin can be caused when the body is too acidic. As the acid comes out of the skin it causes itching. Continue taking Lifetones and drinking LOTS of water. You could also take milk thistle to help flush the liver.

  4. Its been four days using life tones but I’m now experiencing a painful swollen anus and I’m so worried about this condition. Please advice

    1. Hi. We suggest that you see their doctor. It’s not a known side effect of Lifetones so you need to check what might be causing the problem.

  5. Good day,

    My dad is using a blood thinner called Xarelto. Will he be able to use lifetone drops in conjunction? as he suffers from severe arthritis

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