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Vincent Tones is the creator of Lifetones Acid Clear and the CEO of Tones Family Health. He created Lifetones in 2012 to assist his wife Cheryl Tones when she suffered from Carpal Tunnel.

Watch Vincent being interviewed by Stacey Holland on The Home Channel show Real Health

Key points discussed by Vincent in the video:

  • 3 types of acid in our body – lactic acid (produced by exercising), hydrochloric acid (good acid for digestion) and uric acid (created due to diets, lifestyles, stress, medications and man-made foods)
  • Uric acid starts in the blood and works out to extremities
  • Uric acid is the cause of so many ailments
  • 1 fizzy drink a day will require 36 glasses of water to flush out the uric acid created.
  • Eating 1 stick of alkaline celery reduces that requirement to 20 glasses of water needed.
  • Add alkaline foods to your diet.
  • Stress spikes uric acid production as does medications and our fast lifestyles.
  • ADD (Attention Deficient Disorder) is amplified by uric acid.
  • High uric acid results in B vitamin reduction = lack of concentration and increase in Alzheimers, Dementia etc. 
  • The pancreas has to overwork to produce insulin to reduce the uric acid levels as insulin neutralises uric acid. Insulin resistant Diabetes is the result.
  • Carpal tunnel is a build up of uric acid in the wrist whereby the crystals that form squash the nerves resulting in numbness and pins and needles up the arm.
  • 6 herbs in Lifetones –  3 alkaline herbs including celery seeds &  3 anti-inflammatory herbs
  • Lifetones melts down crystals and flushes them out via your bladder and kidneys so your body can start healing.
  • Lifetones is safe for children. Give half a teaspoon (15 drops) twice daily.
  • Lifetones is sugar free.
  • For adults: 1 teaspoon in a glass of water before bed as acid levels build up while you are sleeping and 1 teaspoon in the morning
  • Test: Squeeze your earlobes quite hard – if they feel a little painful – your uric acid levels are high
  • Uric Acid antagonises hormones during Menopause causing symptoms such as hot flushes to be worse.
  • High uric acid causes deep vein thrombosis, Fibromyalgia autoimmune disorder, cholesterol, cancer..

Meet Vincent Tones

Vincent Tones
Vincent Tones

Vincent’s mother, Edith Lonsdale (formerly Tones) began a health shop, the Health Box, 40 years ago. His uncle founded “Noogy Sweets” and his aunt founded “Nature Source” muesli.

After completing his national service, he began pursuing his career path in the health industry. His expertise in this field, coupled with a burning desire to utilise his own innovative talents, resulted in him taking over the management of the Health Box in 1993, and ownership in 1994.

In conjunction with managing the business, he and his wife, Cheryl started their studies in Herbalism and Nutrition through the SA College of Herbal Medicine and Health (SACOH). Within three years, both Cheryl and Vincent completed their internship under the guidance of Dr Anderson.

Meet Cheryl Tones

Cheryl Tones
Cheryl Tones

Cheryl has a passion for helping people with their ailments no matter how complex. Guiding a person through the healing process is what gives Cheryl her practical formulating skills. Cheryl’s leading formulations are: Melanomas & Carcinoma repair paste, Nail Fix for stubborn fungal infections, Hair Fix for hair loss, Skin Fix for scars and tissue repair, Body Tones for Hyper / Hypo Thyroidism.

2 thoughts

    1. Lifetones was not initially formulated to reduce stomach acid or ease gastritis simply because we are supposed to have acid in the stomach otherwise we do not digest our food. But Lifetones Acid Clear does reduce the inflammation in the gut associated with gastritis. We would also suggest Herbay Digestive Repair Tea, Digestive enzymes and probiotic. Avoid dairy, sugar and gluten. Eat foods rich in enzymes such as paw paw and avo.

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